• Rebranding as a business strategy

We have been guiding local Estate Agents, The Bramptons Partnership, through a strategic rebrand programme to drive their business forward

We first started working with The Brampton Partnership some 3 years ago – on a consultancy basis – focussed initially on a review of their website and some of the problems that they had been experiencing – for example, it didn’t display properly on mobiles or indeed on Apple devices.

Basically something needed fixing or changing and they were unsure where to start and fearful of ever spiralling costs.

Gail Martin, Senior Partner at Tobasgo Creative said, “This is not an uncommon problem and understandably so – how do businesses get the right advice without ever higher commercial commitments?”

What was needed was a strategic overview of how The Brampton Partnership communicated with its customers via its website – user interface, user experience – and also what image they were projecting of their brand across all consumer touch-points”

Formed in 1994, The Brampton Partnership has become a familiar feature in its local community. The company has helped thousands of people move home. There was a heritage to protect and yet enhance to bring the company’s image up to date.

The initial process was not to rebrand – but it soon became clear to us – that they needed to signal change – and a rebrand was critical to their business development plans.

“Rebranding is a business strategy to improve your business, to get you from where you are now to where you want to be” said Gail Martin “it’s not just about pretty designs – it has a commercial purpose. If you want to clearly signpost to your key audiences that your business has changed and is moving forward, is contemporary, that you are now utilising the best technologies and that your customer communications and service are great, then the starting point is the brand – how it looks, how it sounds – across all platforms and touch-points – B2C and B2B and within the community”.

A rebrand was undertaken in addition to web recommendations, both of which have now come to fruition – with the website being the key driver for change.

Bramptons has since been successfully incorporated into The Romans Group as part of their expansion plans, creating an extensive network of offices across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Surrey and Hampshire.

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