This year we celebrate 10 years in Beaconsfield

Ten years ago we made the decision to ‘up sticks’ and relocate to Beaconsfield Old Town in leafy Buckinghamshire. At the time it seemed like a huge risk – moving out from London’s West End where we set up shop in 1978 –  but we’ve never looked back. We’re a UK based company, but it doesn’t often feel like it. Our clients are based all over the country – indeed all over the world.

And we picked up some lovely new clients too – Sacla’, the Pesto Pioneers, whose UK head office is also in Beaconsfield.

In the first of a retrospective of 10 years in Beaconsfield, we look back on one of the first projects for Sacla’ – those irresistibly Italian food people – and their ‘Slow Tour’.

Saclà Slow Tour

“2004 marks the first year of the Saclà involvement with the Slow Food Foundation. Established in 1989 in the Piedmontese town of Bra, a short distance from the Saclà Head Office in Asti, the movement’s principle aim is to organise and fund projects that defend the world’s heritage of gastronomic traditions and agricultural biodiversity.

With the origins of Saclà, deeply rooted in the local culture, we recognise the struggles faced by farmers to marry demands for authenticity and quality with the commercial realities of any business. Hence our decision to show support for the Slow Food Foundation.

To bring our involvement to life we have embarked on a month long gastronomic tour of Slow Food producers across 4 European countries. Key food experts such as Raymond Blanc, Heston Blumenthal, Matthew Fort, Henrietta Green, Lorna Wing, Anna del Conte and Jean Pierre Gabriel driven on the tour the Saclà fleet of 8 Fiat Cinquentos.

A short film of the journey was made. Bring together slow cars (thirty year old cinquecentos) selected Slow Food producers and Slow Food enthusiasts on a month long gastronomic tour from London through France and Belgium to their birthplace in Italy and you have the makings of a fantastic story.”

You can read more about Sacla’s Slow Food Road Trip here