• New from Tobasgo Creative

Space, Line, Form, Light, Colour, Texture, Pattern

We are excited to announce our new service. It’s taken a little longer than anticipated but our Interior and Spacial Design Service is up and running as we complete another project.

We say ‘new’ – but it is something we’ve been involved in for nearly 30 years, with projects ranging from private commissions to corporate, branded installations.

Since the impact of COVID 19 and lockdown, our interior – and exterior – spaces have become more important and valuable than ever. This doesn’t necessarily mean a huge expenditure or major building works – but could be as simple as becoming more spacially aware, re-arranging layouts, updating colour schemes and lighting and introducing key pieces.

We work using the following 7 principles:-


Space is a fundamental concept to understand to ensure that you take advantage of what is available to you.


Horizontal, vertical and dynamic lines help to shape a room and guide the eye. Creating lines using the room’s furnishings and structural design to form harmony, unity and contrast.


Proportion and scale to create balance and harmony.


Natural or man-made light is a critical aspect of any space.


Colour has the ability to create mood, define unity and alter the perception of how large or small a space is.


It’s an element that is often overlooked, but really does have the ability to bring a unique dimension to the room.


Paired with colour, pattern offers a similar use to texture in that it can add appeal to a room.

Like any design project, we work closely with our clients to achieve the most successful outcomes based on budget and timescale parameters.